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My first trip to Florianópolis

Florianópolis has a central area that is very busy and quiet at the same time, each street seems to have a life and, compared to other cities, I found the center to be very safe and with clean streets.

My first trip to Florianópolis

The idea for the trip to Florianópolis came from my boyfriend, Juan, we were planning to leave Rio de Janeiro to live together in Florianópolis. I've never been to Florianópolis before, unlike him, and that's why we planned this trip at the end of 2021 to take place in the month of March 2022. Regarding the purchase of airline tickets and the hotel reservation were made by him, I was directed in the routes that would be made in the city and specific points that had in the center of the city, the place that we would stay.

On a sunny morning in São Gonçalo I went to meet my boyfriend to leave for Santos Dumont Airport, we took an Uber and getting into the car I already started to feel unwell, having coffee and getting into a car jumping in several potholes and going at high speed doesn't do me any good. To make matters worse, Juan started to strike up a conversation with the driver and suddenly they were talking about carnival and the subject ended up in an event with the driver and a passenger who ended up throwing up in his car and the driver got very angry and ended up losing the ticket money to have to wash the car, that is, I was feeling sick, wanting to vomit and I still had to listen to this agonizing dialogue. That said, the malaise passed and now it was time to wait to board the plane to Florianópolis.

My first trip to Florianópolis

It was all new to me, not only the trip to Florianópolis but it was my first time traveling on an airplane. It was a very beautiful day and at every moment the anxiety increased to see how it felt to fly and, after a few minutes of taxiing, the plane positioned itself on the runway and began to accelerate, from then on my body began to be I leaned back and the plane's compartments started making noises as it gained speed and suddenly I could see everything as tiny as LEGO toys and feel the sky and clouds much closer to me than I had ever felt before.

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After making a connection in São Paulo and landing at the Florianópolis airport, we took an Uber with a very friendly driver and with a strong accent from the Midwest region, he took us to the Blue Tree Premium Florianópolis hotel, a very beautiful and cozy hotel, We installed ourselves in a very large room with a bathtub and a view of Av. Waterfront with North Bay in the background.

We were very hungry and soon we went to lunch at Shopping Beiramar, which is next to the hotel, and we had lunch at Grilleto, where we would often eat. The mall was like any other, what caught my attention the most was the number of floors and people in a nothing special period. It was in this hotel that we watched two films, the uncharted it's the batman🇧🇷 We only had a week to stay in Florianópolis and Juan had a brilliant idea, he wanted to show me the other mall in the city, the Vila Romana Shopping, is a mall known for having different stores than Beiramar and being more visited by a higher class public, however, the idea of visiting it would be walking, that's right, walking along Av. Beira Mar Norte, that is, a 5 km walk to visit a mall. A sedentary person walking 5 km in the hot sun was a horrible memory I had on my first stay in Florianópolis.

My first trip to Florianópolis

A wonderful thing was the experience I had in the Italian Pasta, it was a very beautiful restaurant where we had dinner together, a beautiful and wonderful Gnocchi with a very cold Guaraná Antarctica and a very helpful service. Whoever is passing through the city center I highly recommend this establishment for the quality of service and the very vintage decor that I really liked.

Florianópolis has a central area that is very busy and quiet at the same time, each street seems to have a life and, compared to other cities, I found the center to be very safe and with clean streets. In the city you will be cold with its icy wind very present and this does not keep people from living in harmony, at the moment I write this article I am living in Florianópolis and it is being a new and pleasant experience, I hope that with this article I have reported my visit in a dynamic way and that I have helped to clarify some doubts about the city, more precisely about the central region.

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