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How does a Fascist Government work?

If you follow politics, you may have heard the term “fascist”, but do you know how a fascist government works?


If you follow politics, you may have heard the term “fascist”, but do you know how a fascist government works? Fascism rose to prominence in Europe in the first half of the 20th century. The first fascist movements emerged in Italy during World War I, and later expanded to other European countries. Many try to put fascism as being on the right, but for me it is an ideology that is more akin to the left (socialism).

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Plans to centralize the economy by subsidizing big business people who have political connections

Fascism is the system in which the government does not nationalize private property as socialism does. Therefore, the economy does not collapse immediately. Nor does fascism speak openly about the abolition of marriage and the family or the nationalization of children. Religion is not prohibited.

Under fascism, society as we know it is left intact, although everything is overseen by a powerful state apparatus. As for the bourgeoisie, fascism does not seek its expropriation, that is, illegal and definitive appropriation of goods or properties that do not belong to it.


Exalts state power as the source of all order

The middle class is pleased with social security, free education, medical benefits and, of course, massive doses of state propaganda stoking national pride. The division between left and right becomes incapable. A left-wing party that advocates socialist programs has no difficulty adapting and adopting fascist policies. Its political agenda undergoes minimal changes, the main one being the way it does marketing.

“I have always found it easier to convince a large crowd than a single person.” – Benito Mussolini

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