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The encounter on the other side of the puddle

The poem “The meeting on the other side of the puddle” is intended for a special person.

The encounter on the other side of the puddle
Image: Disclosure/G1

On the sunny morning of Manchester Fluminense, I woke up happy remembering the tasks I had on the other side of the city

It was a long-awaited day for a young boy looking for answers after troubled days

There on the other side of the puddle, after crossing the Costa e Silva bridge, there was another boy waiting for some answer

After entering a hot canister full of elements, I entered a submerged train car in the center of a discontented city.

The butterflies in my stomach persisted until I found him, but I admit it was difficult to control them.

As I climbed the escalators and felt the impact of the temperature, my love appeared

It was the boy, the boy from the other side of the city, talking to himself and looking at every corner of the city

I thought, “Is he talking to himself?” No. He was just talking to his AirPods, a rare technology to be seen in possession on the other side of the bridge

Having lunch at La Mole was his goal, it was his favorite lunch and that's what I needed

La Mole was just the name of the establishment, due to the arduous and complex life of many feelings and one's own repression, that moment was unique and beautiful, oh, what a beautiful feeling

I can't look into your eyes straight, you brought me out of the woodwork today in the fiery dawn, you talk a lot and it scares me, the boy on the other side of the world is almost mute

Medallion for me was a big and very shiny medal, but I confess that this medallion is soft and fascinating

“Can I try this?” I said. “You can!”, you said. It was butter and that flavor was known for a long time and I couldn't contain my face being puffed up.

After long conversations I could see your laughter and you my cheeks, it was beautiful how everything flowed and how I could forget life for just a moment

Walking next to you was tempting, I wanted to feel your skin and give you a hug or at least touch your hands, but my fearful side dominated my affectionate feeling.

Walking along the coast was beautiful and exuberant, this city is beautiful and dangerous, but with you by my side I could never feel an ounce of desire to leave the horizon

It was time to say goodbye and on the edge of the entrance that led to the city's submerged carriage I could really feel

Feeling that scent of you wrapped in your arms left me embarrassed and looking around, it was just a hug you told me later

When I returned home and saw Guanabara below me, it felt like I had lost someone, someone who should have been close to me.

After everything we've been through together, it's so good to have you around, I mean, you're my safe haven and nothing more than that, everything is so beautiful

⁃ Matheus Araújo

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Hello, I'm Matheus. I am currently graduating in Advertising, working as CEO and Creative Director at Araujo Media, Commercial Manager at TFX LATAM and I am the Creator of the Brazilian History portal.


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