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Quotes by Joaquim Nabuco

Get to know some phrases said by one of the greatest Brazilians who ever lived, Joaquim Nabuco.

Joaquim Nabuco

Joaquim Nabuco was born in Recife in 1849 and died in Washington in 1910, he was a liberal politician, diplomat, historian, jurist, orator and Brazilian journalist graduated from the Recife Faculty of Law. He was one of the founders of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. On the date of his birth, August 19, the National Historian's Day is celebrated. In 1908 he received the degree of doctor honorary cause in Letters from Yale University, having been invited to deliver the official closing speech of the school year, on the graduation day at the University of Chicago, and also to a speech at the University of Wisconsin.

Joaquim Nabuco was one of the great diplomats of the Empire of Brazil (1822-1889), as well as an orator, poet and memoirist. In addition to AbolitionismMy information figures as an important work of memories, where one can see the paradox of someone who was educated by a slave-owning family, but chose to fight in favor of the slaves. Nabuco says he “misses the slave” for their generosity, in contrast to the master's selfishness. “Slavery will remain for a long time the national characteristic of Brazil”, he sentenced.

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Nabuco was a monarchist and reconciled this political position with his abolitionist stance. He attributed to slavery the responsibility for a large part of the problems faced by Brazilian society, thus advocating that menial labor be suppressed before any change in the political sphere.

Quotes by Joaquim Nabuco


The passionless genius is the ascetic of poetry, not the poet. – Joaquim Nabuco


There is no ugliness in nature. It only exists in our eyes. – Joaquim Nabuco


One of the biggest scams of our times was the prestige of the press. Behind the newspaper, we don't see the writers composing their article alone. We see the masses who will read it and who, because they share this illusion, will repeat it as if it were their own oracle. – Joaquim Nabuco


Avoid looking at yourself under the microscope. Good eyes, without glasses, turned to your surroundings is enough. – Joaquim Nabuco


What constitutes the genius and invention of one age will remain the technique, the commonplace, of another. A wave of new ideas, of well-minted phrases, which cost their authors dearly, enters into circulation daily, and quickly becomes the unconscious chatter of the illiterate. – Joaquim Nabuco


Thought, after all, is a sterilization. There is no danger that he will one day triumph over nature, which is life. – Joaquim Nabuco


The envious envy each other. – Joaquim Nabuco


Opposition will always be popular; it is the dish served to the crowd that is unable to participate in the banquet. – Joaquim Nabuco


The use of "I" seems pretentious; however the personal form is the only one that excludes all pretense. Whoever uses it translates received impressions, does not issue sentences, but whoever refuses to use the "I", necessarily constitutes an oracle. – Joaquim Nabuco


There are expensive happiness machines, which run with enormous waste, and there are economic ones, which, with the crumbs of luck, create joy for an entire existence. – Joaquim Nabuco


There are expensive happiness machines, which run with enormous waste, and there are economic ones, which, with the crumbs of luck, create joy for an entire existence. – Joaquim Nabuco


Slavery did not allow us to organize ourselves and without people institutions have no support, society has no foundation. – Joaquim Nabuco


As long as the nation is not aware that it is indispensable for it to adapt each of the apparatuses of its organism that slavery has appropriated to freedom, its work will continue even if there are no more slaves. – Joaquim Nabuco


Consciousness is the last branch of the soul that blossoms; it only bears fruit late. – Joaquim Nabuco


The butterfly finds us heavy; the peacock, poorly dressed; the nightingale, hoarse; and the eagle, creepers. – Joaquim Nabuco


The best life is the one imposed on us by an irrevocable decision of conscience. – Joaquim Nabuco


A thought only really excites when it expresses an impression already experienced. – Joaquim Nabuco


These whirlwinds of despair or enthusiasm are useless against modern tactics and discipline; it takes the sacrifice of a long training. – Joaquim Nabuco


Educate your children, educate yourselves, in the love of the freedom of others, the only way of not being your own freedom a gratuitous donation of Destiny, and of acquiring the conscience of what it is worth, and the courage to defend it. – Joaquim Nabuco


A little is good today, a lot tomorrow is not enough. – Joaquim Nabuco


For the emperor, the monarchy had to exist by itself, without doing favors; It wasn't worth having customers; To have to defend yourself, it wasn't worth living. – Joaquim Nabuco


True patriotism, that is, what reconciles the homeland with humanity. – Joaquim Nabuco


Brazil, the more civilized, the more it will tend towards monarchy; the more barbaric, the more disinterested he will be in her. – Joaquim Nabuco


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