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What is the story of 'Tempo Perdido'? (Legião Urbana)

“Straight ahead, we have no time to waste.” - Renato Russo

Imagem: Reprodução/Legião Urbana

Let's talk about one of the greatest classics of the band Legião Urbana and national rock? Do you know what the story of "Time Lost" is?

Em julho de 1986 chega às lojas o segundo álbum, Dois. Bem diferente da proposta anterior, com letras e melodias quase suaves. Renato Russo afirmava sua verve poética e destilava qualidade nunca antes vista nas letras de roqueiros brasileiros. Emplacou nas rádios as canções “Tempo Perdido”, “Eduardo e Monica”, “Índios”, e “Quase sem Querer”. Gerou “Musica Urbana 2”, “Fábrica” e a ousada “Daniel Na Cova dos Leões”.

O Estúdio 2 da EMI-Odeon (Botafogo-RJ) era fechado para eles, por meses, para que criassem. Não havia mais trocas de produtores e a correria do primeiro álbum. Dois superou a vendagem inicial de 100.000 cópias do anterior e foi disco de platina, tendo vendido mais de 250.000 cópias apenas na época de lançamento.

The song "Tempo Perdido" was an adaptation of two songs that were never recorded by the band, the first one is called "1977", it was composed when Legião Urbana was preparing their first album.

“Every day when I wake up in the morning I no longer have the time of the day that has passed, but I have a lot of time to end this indecision.”

This song was going to be on the first album but the band ended up changing its mind and, in addition, when they made the 30th anniversary compilation of the first album's release, the song was questioned to be part of the tribute, but there was a dispute and it ended up being from outside and to this day has never been officially released.

The lyrics of “Tempo Perdido” were already based on this song, but the melody, harmony and everything else came through another song called “Gente Obsoleta”. The song was written by Renato Russo when he was in the band Aborto Elétrico and the existence of this song is only known from a cassette tape recording. This song was also never recorded by Legião Urbana.

The song "Tempo Perdido" burst on the radio and was the song that had the most comparison between Legião Urbana and the band The Smiths, in 1991 Renato made a statement: "When we finished recording "Tempo Perdido", I was ashamed, so much so that the song was reminiscent of the Smiths.”

Renato Russo asked for help at the beginning to finish the lyrics of “Tempo Perdido”, but he had no help and had to finish the song alone. He realized he could make a protest song without being a pamphleteer. The song became the sixth track on the B-side of the album "Dois".

The album “Dois” occupies the 21st position on the list of the 100 greatest albums of Brazilian music by Rolling Stone Brasil.

The music video had parts in sequence with the band in black and white, the recording was carried out at RGB studios, in São Cristóvão, in which the director of the clip included photographs of stars such as: Brian Wilson, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley , Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and John Lennon. All young and some unrecognizable.

The song “Tempo Perdido” became one of the most listened and valued songs by the band Legião Urbana.

“Straight ahead, we have no time to waste.” - Renato Russo

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